Good Things Are Worth The Wait

Dear Friends, 

Today I’m excited to be launching a dream that I’ve carried with me for the past two years. As we roll out our first line of handcrafted and mindfully made luxury leather bags and accessories, I’m thrilled that Be One With is now a reality. Bringing together my love for fashion and my deep commitment to spirituality, each piece in the line includes an affirmation that can spark a moment during your day to connect with your deepest desires, joys, and dreams. You have the power to feel the way you want to feel. We hope these simple words of inspiration serve as reminders that your true source of happiness begins from within. 

Our site is up and running,, and we’ve created a promo code FRIENDS20 just for you. You’ll receive 20% off your first purchase, and we’re offering free shipping until 4/1. Since this is our first batch, we have a limited number of each style. They are going to go fast, but we’re already working on the Spring line! 

We strongly believe that who we will be as a company is directly dependent on the community we build and the relationships we nurture. We’re grateful for you, and we would love it if you would help build our audience by following us on social media. All the links are just below this letter.

Until next time, we hope you’ll carry yourself well and Be One With the life you love.




                        founder of One With