You’ve heard it by now. Gratitude creates happiness. It’s the buzziest of buzz phrases, but it buzzes because it’s true.

And we can’t shout its praises enough. It’s simple, really. We have no control over anything, except in how we choose to see and experience the world. If we train our minds to see lack and feel stuck, then we will see lack and feel stuck in all aspects of our lives. ALL. THE. TIME. The same is true in reverse. Train our brains to be thankful and present with all that we have? We end up swimming in abundance. And then it becomes easier to trust and have faith in a life that is full because we’re literally creating it right before our eyes.

Here’s a daily practice we love and depend on to build this trust. Take a moment every day to jot down the five things you are grateful for. This can be first thing when you wake up or whenever you can find the time to do it consistently. It can be simple things that spark moments of joy or connection. Maybe it’s the feeling you get when you see the sun rise or set; a kind gesture from a stranger on the street; the booming, belly laugh of your friend; or holding the hand of a child or loved one. Changing our lens toward gratitude can help us see beauty and good everywhere in all aspects of our lives. Commit to this practice for at least 10 days, and then be present to notice how choosing to be One With Gratitude has impacted your life. Also, don’t keep us in the dark! Write us to tell us how it’s going.